City Tri Club



 Friday October 13
 Registration and Training Fun Day  Bayswater Waves  5-6 pm  
 Friday October 20
 Run and ride  Yokine Reserve  5-6 pm  
 Friday October 27
 Swim and Run  Bayswater Waves  5-6 pm  
 Friday November 3
 Run and Ride  Yokine Reserve  5-6 pm  
 Friday Nov 10
 Swim and Run  Bayswater Waves  5-6 pm  
 Friday Nov 17
 Run and Ride  Yokine Reserve  5-6 pm  
 Friday Nov 24
 Splash "n" Dash
 Bayswater Waves  5-6pm  
 Friday Feb 2  Swim and Run  Bayswater Waves  5-6pm  
 Friday Feb 9  Ride and Run  Yokine Reserve  5-6pm  
 Friday Feb 16  Swim and Run  Bayswater Waves  5-6pm  
 Friday Feb 23  Ride and Run  Yokine Reserve  5-6pm  
 Friday March 2  Swim and Run  Bayswater Waves  5-6pm  
 Friday March 9  Ride and Run  Yokine Reserve  5-6pm  
 Friday March 16  Event- Triathlon- swim, ride and run  Bayswater Waves  5-6pm